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Get the support, accountability and motivation to be your best.


Here at Harborough Wellbeing, we work closely with you to help you achieve your goals. We get many kind comments from our clients regarding the progress and life changes made during their journey with us. We love the feedback!


Harborough Wellbeing is a health and fitness company located in Market Harborough. We specialise in personal training, wellness and nutrition for over 40s and seniors and are very passionate about the work we do. Our ultimate aim is to work with you, help you develop yourself and get you on with enjoying life to the full!

Healthy Senior Man


“I had suffered from Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 19 and at times, hospitalised. I really was not able to get fit, build any core stability nor muscle support. I took the decision to try Body Fitness, I don’t normally go to the gym. I find them intimidating places full of people doing all the things I can’t. Since walking through the door, I have not looked back. It started with probing questions, but the underlying factors are of motivation and support rather than what you can and can’t do. All aspects of my medical history were noted down, and the follow-up physical assessment showed me the team knew what they were talking about. Basically, they looked at me walk and knew that is where they needed to start.
I spent about six weeks on a
rehabilitation programme going right back to basics. The progress has been amazing, every movement I make is checked and corrected. I would love to say if only I had done these years ago, but from my experience you make changes like going to a personal trainer when the time is right for you. And this is definitely my time.”


“I had a prolapsed lumbar disc – my fifth such injury since 2005. My self-confidence was very low, physically, and emotionally, so I needed a new approach to my personal fitness and well-being. The Body Fitness team were extremely thorough in their assessment of me at the start before they put together a specific rehabilitation program for me. The holistic approach combined with a scientific knowledge of physical training gave me hope that I could really recover and re-gain a useful level of fitness. The type of injury I suffered was so disabling, and it was vital that I trusted the Body Fitness team completely, without further risk of injury. They were so patient and meticulous in their care”


Our Studio: Classes

“I am 60 and came to see Steve 3 years ago with aches, pains and generally unfit!  Not comfortable in a gym, I sought out professional help which led me here.  I was surprised how little ... matched what I expected of ‘personal training’ – he has helped me correct my numerous aging problems and start to feel AWESOME again!

The sessions are planned at just the right pace so that getting started was easy, Yet I felt challenged and gained a sense of achievement very quickly, no two sessions are the same and always specific and fun.

He goes beyond physical needs; nothing is missed as you are met with genuine concern for your well-being. He understands the stresses and strains of life, his experience of corporate life and psychology allows him to offer wise counsel without being intrusive.

My fitness levels have improved beyond my expectations, I have dropped two dress sizes and benefited from regular sessions and an increased feeling of wellbeing.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this for similar clients looking to make the most out of the coming years!

Dr D. J. Lewis, psychologist

“I decided to get myself into shape, my eating was terrible, extensive help on what I should be eating and why, I have never felt better.

I had a stroke a few years ago, Steve took care of my concerns about exercising. Having been very active in the past I was very frustrated that I was not myself anymore, and struggled eating, stress levels, sleep, and general mental health.

I can only say that Steve has helped me 100% and I feel a totally different person inside and out and have comments from friends and colleagues that the old Neil is back again and well.

I was given help to cope with the stresses at work, which helped immensely.  As Steve comes from the business world, he has real life experience so this transfers into the training and understanding of the individual.

I would recommend Steve as the complete package. Truthful, looks at the individual, not based on a book or diagram, but as a human that has all different needs. And this helps the total training package.

N. Callendar, FIA Director

“What a difference this has made to me, I only wished I had committed sooner.  It had taken me a year to pluck up the courage and make the initial appointment for a consultation with Steve.

He was extremely thorough and honest with all his assessments of my physical state, but also most encouraging and that has sustained me through all my gym sessions and the many supportive emails when I am away from the gym.

I would not have believed what I am about to say, but this is the only time in my life that I have ... actually looked forward to going to exercise.  The variety ... makes for a well-balanced workout. No part of the body is overlooked, but most importantly for me that variety keeps me going.  In the past I have easily tired of doing the same thing at each session. I come away from each session not only feeling better ... I can already see and feel the results of all my hard work.

It’s much more than a gym, I have been given help with my nutrition and diet, posture and general wellbeing, I am looking forward to seeing what the future will bring.

J. Wilford

“I am 70 and started doing ‘keep fit’ with Steve about 11 years ago, mostly due to having fit, younger friends and wanting to enjoy sport i.e. tennis, golf, walking etc with them ... wanting to enjoy life to its full for as long as possible drove me on and I am much fitter, stronger ... have more stamina than the majority of my peers.

It also helps with mental strength. The hour spent exercising is of benefit, taking time out of a busy schedule and testing resolve and commitment and discipline rather than just giving up with an “I’m too old for it!” If I don’t maintain, ... my body certainly seizes up, becomes much stiffer!

I’ve now got 5 grandsons and having kept fit reaps rewards! Without doing this, I would not be able to enjoy or help ... them like I do. In tandem with keeping fit is the need to eat properly, so my diet is much healthier, and I am very much more aware of what the body needs to function well.

I feel fit, healthy, strong, and enjoying life well into my late 70s.  That is a huge accomplishment, and I would wish the same for everyone!

S. Jackson-Stops

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Please get in touch with us for a no-pressure chat on starting your journey to a better you.
If you are located in Market Harborough or the surrounding areas and feel ready to start your health and fitness journey with the help of our friendly trainers, we look forward to hearing from you.

We work to improve your range of motion, strength, balance and flexibility, none of which will be painful or embarrassing. Mental health is also so vitally linked to exercise that we make sure our coaches work on this with you as well. Harborough Wellbeing will design the optimum programme for you.
Contact us to start your journey today.

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